Lois Lane § 28 § Daily Planet Reporter § FC: Erica Durance § Taken

Lois Lane is the daughter of Sam and Ella Lane. Sam is a four star army general. Lois, herself, was born at Ramstein Air Base, a US Air Base in Germany. Her mother, Ella, passed away from cancer when she was only six. Her younger sister, Lucy, was barely three, and Lois played the role of mom to the suddenly orphaned toddler. Sam was never around, so it was up to Lois to raise her sister as best she could, even when she was only a child herself.

Trained in hand to hand combat, and handling firearms, from a young age Lois was tough. Sam treated her more like a soldier than a daughter. Lois learned to shut off emotions, because they made you weak. She learned to be a stone wall. Her childhood was practically non-existent. When Lucy was eight, Sam sent her off to boarding school and took Lois with him travelling.

Lois quickly discovered a love for writing as she wrote in her journal. It would soon develop into much more. Discovering a scandal on one of the bases, Lois set out to expose it, and soon realized she had a knack for investigating. Due to travelling so much, Lois didn’t really have a high school experience, however, she did insist upon obtaining her GED. Then, at the age of 18, Lois applied for colleges. 

She was accepted to Metropolis University, into their journalism program, and she put her all into it. Five years later, at the age of 23, Lois received her Master’s Degree in Journalism. After graduating, she was a bit disappointed when the only job she could get was at the Metropolis Star, a tabloid newspaper. But, she refused to let it discourage her.

It wasn’t long before she hit it big. She did a story on the paranormal, and though it was not at all something you’d see in a respectable paper, anyone could see her talents far exceeded where she was. Perry White saw her potential, and he offered her a job at the Daily Planet. Now, five years later, Lois is one of the Daily Planet’s top investigative reporters. Her dream is to win a Pulitzer.

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Clark Kent § 29 § Daily Planet Reporter/Superhero § FC: Tom Welling § Open

Clark Kent is very used to feeling alone. He was found by the Kent’s during the 1984 Smallville Meteor Shower. Sent to Earth as a baby by his birth parents, Jor-El and Lara, Clark has recently learned it was for a dual purpose. To save him, and for him to become a beacon of hope for the people of Earth.

Growing up with abilities was not something he wanted, and more than once he would’ve given them up without hesitation. But, now, Clark is starting to see his powers as a gift and not a curse. He just wants to find a way to use them to help people, and still get to be Clark Kent.

Clark dated Lana Lang all through high school. The two broke up after graduation. Clark realized he couldn’t be with Lana if he had to continue lying to her,  and the more he thought about it, the more he just didn’t think he could tell her. So, they parted ways. Clark attended college at Texas A&M, where he re-discovered a love for writing. His days on the Torch in high school had given him some experience.

In college, Clark met another double L. Lori Lemaris. When they met, Lori was in a wheelchair, and Clark, being the gentleman he was offered to wheel her to her classes. The two hit it off, and dated for several weeks. However, Clark soon began to wonder why Lori was always cutting their dates short. Finally, she came clean. She was an earthbound mermaid. Though she and Clark did care about each other, she knew ultimately, she was needed in Atlantis. And thanks to her peoples mindreading abilities, she knew of Clark’s special powers and knew the world needed him. They were two different people from two different worlds. Plus, she knew he was not completely over Lana, and her heart still belonged to someone she’d grown up with. They parted as friends.

Graduating with honors, Clark then began travelling the world, determined to see as much as he could, and write about his travels. Now, finally back, he’s settled in the big city of Metropolis and wants to make a new life for himself. He’s finally over Lana Lang and ready to truly move on with his life. The only people who know of his special abilities and origins are his parents, and his two best friends, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan.

Clark just got hired at the Daily Planet, and he’s looking forward to making a difference there. However, he still needs to figure out how he can help people using his abilities and have a normal life.

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Jimmy Olsen § 26 § Daily Planet Photographer § FC: Aaron Ashmore § Open

Jimmy Olsen has wanted to be a photographer since he was seven. His father brought home a brand new Polaroid camera, and Jimmy couldn’t stop taking pictures. He felt that pictures told stories that sometimes words couldn’t. That was what drew him to them.

He studied photography in school, and eventually graduated with honors. However, Jimmy had no idea that he would be offered a job at the Daily Planet. He’s only been there a year, and he’s still pretty new at the job, but he’s learning fast and he can’t wait to make a name for himself.

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Chloe Sullivan § 28 § Daily Planet Reporter/Future JL Member § FC: Allison Mack  § Taken

Bio Coming Soon

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Lucy Lane § 25 § Undetermined § FC: Lyndsy Fonseca § Open

Lucy Lane was only three years old when her mother died of cancer. She has no memories of her and only has the stories Lois has told her and the pictures in the photo albums. She has a pretty much non-existent relationship with The General, and her relationship with Lois fluctuates. 

She loves her sister very much, but because Lois pretty much had to raise her until she left for boarding school at age eight, Lois is very maternal towards her and often acts like her mother. While she understands it, it frustrates her. She’s 25 and what she needs is for Lois to be her big sister. She doesn’t need the lectures.

Lucy just very much wants to create a life for herself. She’s not sure yet what she wants to do but she knows when she figures it out, nothing and no one will stop her. She is a Lane after all. And she’s tired of living in Lois’ shadow. She moved to Metropolis to be closer to her sister, but also to see if she could become something other than Lois Lane’s baby sister.

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Catherine “Cat” Grant § 25 § Daily Planet Gossip Columnist § FC: Claire Holt § Open

Cat Grant is known for being a gossip, which is exactly why she’s in that business. She loves being in the know and finding out about juicy scandals. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and that was where she began her journalism career. Cat’s Corner started out as just a small column in her local newspaper, but it quickly gained momentum.

When she moved to Metropolis, she got an offer to write for the Daily Planet and jumped at the chance. Cat also happens to be a massive flirt, and she is not above using her looks to get information.

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Lex Luthor § 33 § Multi-Billionaire/Secret Criminal Mastermind § FC: Ian Somerhalder § Open

They say some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. This could be said of Lex Luthor. As the firstborn son of Lionel and Lillian Luthor, Lex was doted upon from the moment he was born. There was never a moment when he wasn’t spoiled. His father taught him all about business and the ruthless world they lived in, while his mother tried to teach him to see the good in the world, much like she saw good in Lionel.

When Lex was ten, his mother got sick, and it got progressively worse as she found out she was expecting and had to delay medical treatment. The childbirth was too much of a strain on her and Lillian died not long after having Lex’s brother, Julian.

Rising in power, and in position, Lex’s goal in life is the pursuit of power, influence and money. When Lionel died, Lex took over control of LuthorCorp. He currently stands at the third richest man in the world.

Lex is one of the leaders of an international crime syndicate called Intergang, though he covers his tracks well. To the world, he is simply a philanthropist, legitimate if not ruthless businessman, and a patron of the finer things in life.

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Lana Lang § 28 § Undetermined § FC: Kristen Kreuk § Open

Biologically the daughter of Laura Lang and Henry Small, Lewis Lang is Lana’s legal father and the man she called Dad. Lana’s parents were killed in the meteor shower. Lana barely got to know them. She was adopted by her aunt, Nell Potter, who raised her.

She grew up in Smallville, about a mile away from the Kent farm. It wasn’t long before Lana met Clark, Chloe and Pete and befriended them. In high school, Lana and Clark both realized their crush on each other was mutual and began dating. Lana had no idea at the time that Chloe had feelings for Clark too.

Lana and Clark dated through all of high school but their relationship was constantly threatened by a secret Lana knew Clark was keeping. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew he was keeping something important from her and this caused a huge strain.

Eventually, the two realized they weren’t meant to be together and parted ways. Lana left town for awhile to attend college abroad. She did some traveling afterwards. Three years ago, she came home, but decided the small town life didn’t suit her anymore and so, she moved to Metropolis.

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Kara Kent § 24 § Undetermined/Superhero § FC: Laura Vandervoort § Taken

Born Kara Zor-El, Kara is the biological cousin of Kal-El known on Earth as Clark Kent. She was sent to Earth by Jor-El and Lara to keep an eye on her infant cousin and make sure he arrived safely. However, Kara’s ship became trapped in a stasis, leaving her in a frozen state. She only emerged from this stasis two years ago, and met Clark, realizing he is no longer Baby Kal-El.

Adjusting to Earth life has not been easy for Kara. She still doesn’t understand a lot. The Kent’s have been super supportive, even allowing Kara to use the Kent last name, which she is honored to do. Though Clark may be her cousin, he’s more like a brother to her, and she is glad she has the opportunity to get to know him.

Kara loves having powers and wants to help people with them. Though not having an official costume, yet, she has donned a brown wig and glasses for her Kara persona, just in case someone recognizes the blonde as she’s rescuing someone.

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Tess Mercer § 30 § Co-CEO of LuthorCorp § FC: Cassidy Freeman § Open

Born Lutessa Lena Luthor, Tess only recently discovered she is yet another illegitimate child of the late billionaire Lionel Luthor. Upon this discovery, Tess showed up in Metropolis and demanded she be part of the family business. At first, Lex tried throwing her out, but Tess showed him she could be just as ruthless as he could. She used her connections in the business world and got the proof she needed that her half brother is one of the leaders of Intergang. Then, she threatened to expose him.

Having no other choice but to comply, Lex caved and Tess became co-CEO of LuthorCorp. However, unlike her brother, she has no interest in using LuthorCorp as a front company for his criminal acts. She wants the company to be a legitimate business, to restore people’s faith in the Luthor name. But, she also knows better than to turn on Lex. Knowing exactly what her brother is capable of, she continues to keep silent, deciding that taking down Intergang is not her job.

Her childhood was anything but ideal. She was adopted at the age of five, by the Mercer’s, and subjected to ten years of abuse at the hands of her adoptive father. At the age of fifteen, she got into Harvard, and later graduated at 17, with a degree in marine biology.

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