Lori Lemaris § 29 § Undetermined/Mermaid § FC: Zooey Deschanel § Open

Born as Arista, in Tritonis, a city in Atlantis, Lori grew up very ignorant of the world outside of the water. As a baby, she was betrothed to Orin, the future King of Atlantis. But, when Atlanna, Orin’s mother died suddenly, Orin was raised by his mortal father, and was never seen in Atlantis again, though he is still the true heir.

At the age of sixteen, Arista decided to see the human world for herself. Through a wizard’s spell, she was able to retain her human form as long as she stays dry. This allowed her to create a new life for herself. Adopting the name Lori Lemaris, the teen found out life in the human world wasn’t always exciting.

She moved to Metropolis at 18 and began attending college at Metropolis University. Kansas had appealed to her because the state was completely land locked, and though she loved the ocean, she didn’t want to go back. She felt like she needed to see what this world had in store.

She met Clark Kent, and the two had an instant attraction. Lori was using a wheelchair because the day she’d met him, she’d slipped and fallen in a lake. She had a blanket covering her fin. Luckily, Clark didn’t discover her secret just yet.

However, her constant disappearances (as mermaids have to be exposed to water at least once a day or they will die), began to cause problems. Finally, she told Clark the truth, and he, in turn, told her of his abilities.

Lori and Clark both realized that while they were alike, they both came from different worlds, and couldn’t be together. There was also the fact that she knew Clark still loved his ex, Lana Lang, while she had never quite forgotten Orin.

The two parted as friends. Lori returned to the sea, much to her parents joy. They were thrilled to have their darling Arista back. But, something, or someone won’t let her stay. She feels like she’s close to finding Orin, and finding out what happened to him. So, with that knowledge, she returned to the human world in hopes of finding him.

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